Starch/Rice Vermicelli Noodle Processing Line

We are instant rice noodle machine, rice, corn, potato and mung bean starch vermicelli machine manufacturer. Our instant rice noodle machine, rice vermicelli machine, glass noodle machine, corn, potato and mung bean starch cellophane vermicelli machine and production line are the equipment for the continuous production process of precooked cellophane vermicelli glass noodle convenience foods using rice or starch from corn, potato, sweet potato and cassava as as the main raw material.

Starch/Rice Vermicelli Noodles Line Video Showcase

vermicelli noodles line
▶️ Rice vermicelli noodles line

Folding-bundled rice vermicelli noodle line - steamed pelletized feed stuff extrusion process

We are among the earliest of providers of the rice noodle machine and the rice stick noodles line. After the rice stick noodles are extruded they are steamed. Then the noodles are hanged on the hangers and dehydrated by hot air. The drying process is under comparatively lower temperature. The Heshan Rice Stick Noodle Line produces Rice stick noodles through a series of process from semi-automatic to highly automatic.

Rice → Elevate → Rice Washing → Rice Soaking → Rice&Water Separating → Rice Milling → Filtering → Storing → quantify feed → Steaming → Drying → Cutting → Conveying → Packing This flow sheet is a standard scheme which can be partially altered according to a specific requirement.

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Heat Extruding Type Instant Vermicelli Production Line

▶️ Corn/Bean/Potato Vermicelli Line

When corn, bean, potato, rice starch, or other starch are used as the raw material the resulting products are transparent cellophane noodles. This is a highly automatic processing line featuring a robot mechanical arm to stock up the noodles before they are dried.

The instant rice vermicelli is so convenient that after only three minutes of cooking or steeping in hot water, it is ready for consumption with strong appetizing rice flavor. The automatic production of vermicelli through the following series of process:

Sand Removing → Milling → Rice Washing → Rice Soaking → Separating → Grinding → Pulp Filtering → Dehydrating → Steaming & Mixing → Rice Strip Extruding → Vermicelli Extruding → Cooling → Second Steaming → Cooling → Cutting → First Drying → SecondDrying → Cooling → Packing → Finished Products

When corn, potato or bean starch is used as raw ma terial, the milling unit is not required.

▶️ Fresh Rice Noodle Making Machine

Heshan fresh rice noodle machines automatically produce fresh rice noodle strips or rolls through a series of process shown in the flowsheet bellow. The steaming machine is the central part the the assembly of the fresh rice noodle machines, which consists of the frame, steaming pot, starch distributing pan, pulp distributing mechanism, gear box, starch pump, steam piping and diesel burner. Its features are: short operation time for well cooked rice noodle and adjustable noodle trip thickness.

The fresh rice noodle is made by the following steps:

Rice Soaking-Mixing → Wet Rice Milling → Rice Slur Filtering → Rice Slur Concoction → Rice-Pasta-Sheet Steaming → Cooling → Soft Fresh Rice Noodle Rolling Machine → Wet Rice Noodle Cutting Machine → Fresh Rice Noodle Products

▶️ Dried Instant Rice Noodle Production Line

This is the fine dried instant rice noodle machine that uses rice as raw material and produces snow-white and flexible instant rice vermicelli. The instant rice vermicelli is semi-transparent. We make vermicelli processing lines two types lines, namely the Dried Rice Vermicelli Instant Noodle Production Line by Rice Noodle Extruding Process and the Dried Rice Vermicelli Instant Noodle Production Line by rice noodle shredding process.

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Automatic Potato and Bean Starch Vermicelli Production Line

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Automatic Fresh Lai Rice Noodle Production Line

Our automatic fresh seto vermicelli machine, lai rice noodle production line (rice noodle machine) makes lai rice noodles, also known as Laksa rice noodles, Asam rice noodles, Laksa rice noodles,Katong Laksa rice noodles, or Udon rice noodles. Firstly the rice is soaked in the soaking tanks; and then the rice is sent to the rice noodle machine miller to prepare a rice slurry; thirdly, the slurry is extruded from the self-heated lai rice noodle machine extruder to form round shaped lai rice noodles; finally the lai noodles are cooked in a steamer, quenched in cold water after steaming and the lai noodles are ready for packaging. If you are interested in our rice noodle machine please feel free to contact us now.

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