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▶️ Coated-and-fried Japanese Peanuts Processing Line

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Heshan brand centrifugal honey peanuts / Japanese peanuts making machines (nuts frying line) are a complete set of equipment consists of peanut coating machine, battered nuts frying machine, coated peanut frying machine and auxiliaries. This Japanese-style Peanuts production line uses nut kernels as raw materials, applying coating on the nuts and frying them through a series fully automatic and continuous unit operations to produce high quality snacks. Our Japanese peanuts machines are designed for making Japanese-style peanuts (also known as Honey Peanuts, cacahuates Japoneses, or maní Japonés). This Processing line can also be used as snack making machines to produce cracker nuts, Philippine Nagaraya cracker nuts, Thai Koh-Kae peanuts and American beer nuts - it is the best snack production line to make coated peanuts with a variety of localized flavors.

These Japanese peanuts machines are 100% developed and manufactured by Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd. The Japanese Peanuts production line includes the automatic peanut coating machine, the pneumatic conveying system,the slurry supplying system, the external feeding system (slurry pump, insulation cylinder, pipeline), powder hopper with weighing, and automatic weighing system, etc). Under the PLC program control, all parameters, namely quantitative feeding of materials, liquid and powder, frequency of adding liquid and powder, spindle speed etc, can be adjusted. The parameters are saved after adjustment to ensure stable quality of products.

The nuts frying line is quipped with vacuum powder feeders (2 units for each line), the complete set of Japanese peanuts making machines operates in a fully sealed state without dust pollution, ensuring the uniformity of mixed material composition. There is no contact friction involved in coating and frying of peanuts on the Japanese peanuts machine; this production line is of high efficiency and low noise, so that the problem of powder escape and material leakage is prevented and dust pollution is avoided. Equipped with the pneumatic conveying system, the processing line operates in a sealed dust-free state, the uniformity of mixed material components is ensured.

Liquid supply of the coated peanuts processing line is fulfilled by adopting a centrifugal method, which has the advantages of non-adhesion and non-blockage. It is sprayed into a mist, making the material adhere more evenly.

The cylinder round sifter can completely remove the powder residue after coating and ensure coated peanuts do not deform through rotation, reducing the powder residue that may enter the fryer and slowing down the oxidation of frying oil. Our centrifugal automatic peanut coating production line enjoys great popularity in Africa and Asia.

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