Industrial Noodle Machines, Turnkey Noodle Plant

▶️ Industrial Hakka Noodle Machine

This turnkey noodle plant makes up to half a million packs of dry Hakka noodles per day!

▶️ Industrial Hakka Noodle Machine

This turnkey noodle plant makes up to half a million packs of dry Hakka noodles per day!

Heshan® Industrial Noodle Machine Turnkey Projects

We are provider of commercial and industrial noodle machines, and noodle production lines. We build turnkey noodle plants that produce fried, dried and fresh noodles of wheat flour, rice, millet and starch from mung bean, potato and cassava.

▶️ Industrial rice noodle machines -extrusion method ▶️ Industrial rice noodle machines
         Extrusion method
  • With quick pulling out and remount mechanism, our extruder die plates can be replaced within 10 minutes, while other provider requires about 1 hour;
  • We provide a large variety of extruders that can make industrial ramen noodles, rice vermicelli noodles and Italian pasta;
  • The turnkey noodle plant is highly automatic.

Working Principles Of Heshan® Turnkey Noodle Factory:
Industrial Noodle Machine (Extrusion Method)

The extrusion type industrial noodle machines and vermicelli noodle machines of our turnkey noodle factories are very to operate.

Raw materials

Wet starch, dry starch or wheat flour can be used for vermicelli processing. The water content of wet starch should be less than 40%.

Industrial Noodle Machine Mixer

Determine the ratio of water and starch or flour and mix them. Note that the added water should be less than 40% so that the dough slurry is not too thin or too thick. The equipment used includes spiral industrial noodle machine mixer and vacuum mixer.

Industrial Noodle Machine Extruder

The mixed dough slurry is directly extruded through a spiral extruder to complete the maturation of dough slurry and extrusion of vermicelli, and then the extruded vermicelli is cooled. The orifice diameter of the extruder die is about 1.2mm (customized according to our clients' specifications). The temperature in the extruder should be higher than 110°C, and precooling temperature is normal ambient temperature.

Optional Freezing and thawing

Cut the vermicelli after cooling at room temperature, dry it in the vermicelli drying room, and then put it into the freezer for freeze aging, and thaw it after a certain period of time.

Temperature difference:

Industrial Noodle Machine Dryer

The drying site can be a drying chamber or a drying room.

When operating in the drying room, the vermicelli should be evenly distributed on the vermicelli drying rods, and the rods e should be turned over in time to prevent breaking and drawing. For industrial noodle machine hanging basket dryer operation, the drying time needs to be adjusted according to the temperature and humidity. After drying, the vermicelli should be neatly stacked and wait for packaging into boxes. The maximum drying temperature is about 80°C, and the moisture content of the vermicelli after drying should be lower than 14%.

Packaging and sealing

The vermicelli noodle should be cut and packaged or bundled according to the market requirement. The finished product should be of the same thickness and length. We also provide industrial noodle cutting machines, packaging machines and sealing machines.
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