About Heshan

We are  Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd., an ISO9001 quality system certified company specializing in food machine manufaturing. We are one of the major providers of instant noodle machine, instant noodle production line, potato starch/cornstarch vermicelli and rice vermicelli production line for some of the world's largest food manufacturers, including Indomie, Indofood CBP etc. We co-operate closely with Simens to bring the automatic production of noodles, vermicelli and pasta to a new level.

About Heshan Food Processing Lines

Heshan's Advantages

We have been developing and manufacturing food machinery since its inception in 1998, we have been working hard to reform automatic instant noodle making machine and instant noodle production line. We pioneered the design of a fully automated operating system for instant noodle machine and the instant noodle production line, leading the industry into a new era.

Heshan Instant Noodle Production Line

The fried instant noodle machine or the  non-fried instant noodle machine makes instant noodles through a series of of process of firstly, dough making by brine mixing and metering device, double mixer; secondly, noodle forming by the compound calendering in the instant noodle making machine of compound rolling and continuous rolling, instant noodle machine noodle strip cutting; thirdly noodle cooking (in  instant noodle machine multi-layer steamer); fourthly noodle block cutting and folding (optionally noodle length cutting and cupping when cupped or bowled instant noodles are the desired final products); fifthly, frying or optionally hot-air-drying in the case of non-fried machine; and finally the noodles are cooled in the instant noodle machine air cooling devices, and the final products are ready for Conveying and packaging. 

Heshan's Product Range

Heshan's product range includes wheat flour fried and non-fried ramen instant noodle machine, rice vermicelli machine and Instant Noodle production line series, fried snack chin chin machine, hot air dried instant noodle production line, stick noodle production line and rice noodle production line. In addition to the complete set of equipment, Heshan also provides the instant noodle making machine, the egg instant noodle making machine, the ramen instant noodle making machine, and the rice vermicelli production line using rice, potato, beans and other food grade starches as raw materials.  Our complete sets of Instant Noodle machines are compatible to Maggi noodle machines;Indomie instant noodle making machines; and Nigerian snack chin chin machines.