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Heshan Rice Flour Milling Plant

Secondary Grinder
Exterior View

Rice Pulverizer
Interior View

Rice Flour Milling Plant

HESHAN MACHINERY CO. LTD. provides the Rice Flour Milling Turnkey Plant that is highly reliable and fully automatic. Please feel free to contact us for further details. Like all other Heshan's food processing lines, our Rice Flour Milling Processing Lines are compact, reliable and fully automatic. First, there are Rice Soaking Tanks where the rice is soaked in water. Secondly, Vibration Conveyor - the drained wet rice is sent to the rice mill by this device. Thirdly, Pulse Dryer, this is the device to remove moisture from the rice. Fourthly, Pneumatic Sieve - the rice flour is shieved before it is sent to the secondary grinder. At last, the Flour Conveying System, the refined rice flour is conveyed to the final container for packing.

Rice Flour Milling Turnkey Plant

Heshan Rice Flour Milling Plant - Complete Set of Equipment

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