Heshan® Turnkey Instant Noodle Production Line

▶️ Turnkey Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

This turnkey instant noodle production line makes up to a million cups of instant noodles per day! We built many similar turnkey plants in India, Indonesia and Germany.

▶️ Instant Noodle Line

This turnkey instant noodle production line makes up to a million cups of ramen instant noodles per day! We built many similar turnkey plants in India, Indonesia and Germany.

FBN Serial Instant Noodle Production Lines

The FBN instant noodle production line is developed by our company according to market requirement. This noodle product line has the merits of compact configuration, automatic operation, excellence in safety and reliability, low energy consumption and low noise level (≤80db). Instant noodle blocks made by FBN instant noodle production lines have tidy and beautiful outline, uniform density of ripples, and consistent color. It can be brewed in hot water to prepare noodle soup as well as directly eaten as crunch snacks. After being rehydrated, the instant noodles become soft and flexible with nice mouthfeel. To operate our instant noodle machine flash fryer, we recommend us to use 24℃ palm oil as raw material.

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Turnkey Instant Noodle Production Line: Company Contact Email (Gamil, Hotmail etc.):

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Write to us for a price quote of Heshan® instant noodle machine production lines. Our instant noodle machines are applicable in the circumstance below:
  • Altitude below 2000 meters;
  • Workshops temperature above 5℃;
  • 380V±5%, 50Hz power supply;
  • Tap water pressure ≥0.8Mpa;
  • Approximated 1500kg/h saturated steam.

Working Principles and Operation Instructions

The FBN instant noodle production line is composed of 14 components of unit operations and 3 sets of electric control panels. Firstly wheat flour, a right amount of water and some other additives are mixed in the dough kneading machine, where the materials are turned into a kind of elastic, plastic, and ductile dough by continuous stirring; and then the dough is pressed by multiple pairs of rollers, the dough becomes a consistent dough sheet. The sheet in turn is cut into noodles by a pair of noodle cutter rollers. The cut noodles are dropped the mesh conveyor belt; and because line speed of the mesh belt of the conveyor is slower then the linear speed of the dough sheet, the densely waved noodle belts are formed, before they were transferred into the tunnel-steamer of 95℃—105℃. For about 78 seconds’ steaming, the starch in the noodles are gelatinized and the protein denatured. That is, the raw noodles are turned into precooked noodles. After cooked, noodles are quickly cooled down by the fan installed upper the exit of the steamer, so that the surface’s hot steam vaporizes, and the noodles become less sticky. The following procedures are that the cutting and folding machine will slice the noodle belts into event pieces and fold them into double layer noodle blocks. The noodle blocks are divided and placed in noodle trays and are conveyed into the automatic-fryer, where the wet noodle blocks are fried and dehydrated for 65~90 seconds. At last, the noodles are conveyed into the cooling chamber to be cooled for about 2 minutes. We therefore get the end products of fragrant fried instant noodles.

Specifications of Instant Noodle Production Line

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