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Corn Flake Production Technology

There are two kinds of raw materials for producing Corn Flakes with corn flakes machine. One is Maize (Corn) Meal or maize (corn) flour, it can be mixed the corn starch or in fixed proportion. The other is degermed maize grits, it also can mix some spices during the producing process.

Process to make classic cornflakes by corn flakes machine

I. Raw Material: The best material is hard dent corn, because of its transparency after gelatinization and good looking of the products.
II. Adopting the drying-degerming method. First, to regulate the moisture with the hot steam and hot water exceeding 90℃. And then to pre-grind the corn without germ. The mixture would separate out grits after evenly sieving.
III. Ingredients: To add the salt, malt and the other ingredients with the water during cooking the grits, it can make the water content up to 20%~35%, then to cook the grits with steam of 1.47X105P until gelatinized to semi-transparent.
IV. Drying: to dry and extrude the grits at 66℃ until the moisture is 19%~20%, cool it down to 30~40℃. Then to press the flake to  0.7~1mm with steel roller. Before pressing, the corns should be made dispersedly to ensure the chips evenly distributed.
VI. Roasting: Temperature: 250~350℃, Time: 20~150 seconds. to make the moisture down to 10%. To fry the chips with the temperature not exceed 200℃,the corn chips would be crispy.
VII. Spraying enhancer: To spray with nutrient substance to make it intensified corn chips or spread on sugar, flavor if necessary. 

The process of corn flakes machine is shown as follows:

Corn →Cleaning →Peeling and Degerming →Classifying →Cooking →Drying & Rlending →
Rolling, Flaking or Extruding →Toasting →Cooling →Packing →Finished Products

Modern Process to Make Bran Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Multigrain Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Direct Expanded Cereals

Mixing →Conditioning → Extruding →Pulse Drying →Vibrate Feeding → Rolling, Flaking or Extruding →Fluid Bed Toasting→ Cooling → Packing → Finished Products

The high speed rolling machine is a key unit in the system of corn flakes machine. It is composed of a pair of alloyed steel roll which rotate on opposite directions, high strength frame, hydraulic controlling system, auto adjusting roll seam system, cooling constant temperature system of the rolling, transmission system and control system. For the rolling machine, it has high requirements to rolling technology, First, it requires high hardness of roller surface. If it can not meet the standard, the surface , not smooth as that, would be damaged after a period of using to effect the rolling. We can make the hardness of the surface more than 65 degrees with special technology. It allows you to use them in corn flakes machine system for more than ten years. Secondly, it requires high accuracy requirements. If it can not meet the standard, you may find that the rolling can not evenly, it would be serious vibrating and noisy. Thus it requires us to control the processing procedure strictly, it has to make sure that the cylindricity of rolling is on 3μm. The rolling machine adopts hydraulic pressure control system, the roller can be adjusted the pressure to perfect situation according to the product characters to ensure the product quality. The servo regulating system of the roller allows you to adjust the gag in the range of 0-2mm. It is number display; you can read them easily and accurately. We design the cooling water tunnel inside the roller, so it can avoid the rolling gap changing occurred by expand with heat and contract with cold during working, as it would impact the rolling quality .To ensure the rolling can work in a constant temperature condition we design a circulating cooling water & constant temperature control system which has the high pressure water pump for the cooling water tunnel inside the roller .


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