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The Conveyor System for the the Process Industry

The conveyor system is critical for the automatic instant noodle production line. There are multiple stages during the process and different conveyors are required to transfer the material in the production line:

1. Flour in bags from storage to the noodle workshop
We recommend using roller conveyor to move the flour in bags to the workshop to make instant noodles. Alternatively, forklifts can also be used.

2. Transfer the flour on the ground level to the mixer

3. Screw conveyor is appropriate to transfer the flour to the mixer.

4. Belt conveyor, mesh conveyor, roller conveyor, and multi-flexing plastic chain conveyor are used in the noodle processing and product packaging.

Structural features

1. The screw shaft and hanging bearings, head, tail shaft connection are embedded tongue, which means the installation and demolition can be done without axial movement resulting easy maintenance.

2. With variable-diameter structure, the volume of the hanging bearing is increase to avoid hanging bearing and material contact hence prolonging the lifespan of the bearing.

3. The mesh conveyor as an integrated part the noodle steamer

4. Noodle case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodle deep fryer

5. Noodle case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodle cooling chamber

6. Noodle packaging conveyor system consists of basically belt conveyors

7. Roller conveyor system for the transportation of carton boxes packed with cup-noodles and bag-noodles The roller conveyor, the mesh conveyor, and the multi-link conveyor are widely used in dried and fried instant noodle production lines and other food processing line. On the instant noodle production line, The roller conveyor, the mesh conveyor, and the multi-link conveyor are servicing the material handling, process connection, and product packaging. Check out our Heshan YouTube Channel to find how conveyors play an important role in the instant noodle industry and other food processing processes.

Quality Alternative to Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors

We are HESHAN MACHINERY CO. LTD and we provide China's Quality Alternative to Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors. If you are user of Hytrol conveyors, Flexlink conveyors or any other standard conveyors, and if you want to use Heshan China Conveyors as an alternative to update or upgrade your conveyor system, we are happy to meet your needs. We can provide you with conveyors made according to your specifications so that they are compatible to Hytrol conveyors and Flexlink conveyors in dimension, speed and materials handling. We also provide emergency repair for our customers in the Pearl River Delta area, who use the Hytrol conveyors or Flexlink conveyors and other third party conveyors.

Alternative to Hytrol Conveyors - Heshan China Roller Conveyor System

Heshan China roller conveyors consist of a motor gearbox drive unit, sprockets, brackets and rollers, a framework supported by legs. These roller conveyors have a large conveying capacity, a light function and clever blend or shunt variety of products. They are applicable toQuality Alternative to Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors all types of material handling especially goods packed in cartons. Heshan China's roller conveyor is widely used in the noodle processing line, warehouse and all kinds of processing engineering. In the instant noodle lines, Heshan China roller conveyors are used to convey the final products - cupped or small-bagged instant noodles cakes packed in carton boxes. Heshan roller conveyors are reliable and inexpensive roller conveyors that are compatible to Hytrol Conveyors.

Alternative to Flexlink Conveyors - Heshan China Flexible Conveyor System

We provide the flexible conveyors that is compatible to Flexlink Conveyors. The flexible conveyors consists of a metal conveyor beam and a pare of slide rails, which guide a plastic multi-flexing chain to convey the materials. This type of conveyor is suitable for noodle processing, breakfast cereal processing and other food processing industries, electronics, commodities and pharmaceuticals. In the instant noodle lines, Heshan China flexible conveyors can be used to convey the noodles in Intermediate processes.

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